Friday, September 1, 2017

The ZooGue Case Prodigy For The iPad Air

In 2013, I was like lots of people watching and waiting for news from Apple on their new iPad. I first heard about the speculation and rumors in July. Now I've never owned an Apple product before, so getting an iPad was going to be a really big deal. And I wanted the newest one. Everyone knows the Apple iPad is the very best tablet made. Hands down. So I starting thinking about buying my iPad online. Besides Apple, Staples, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart were all selling the iPad Air online on November 1, 2013.

But Walmart was doing one better. They offered the 16GB Wi-Fi only version at $20 off the $499 price. Pretty good. And quickly the other above mentioned said they would match Walmart's price reduction. But the only problem was only Apple had them available for online purchase. So I started thinking about buying such an expensive item and worrying about damage or a loss in the shipping process. So to put my mind at ease, I decided to drive one hour north of Sarasota to buy my iPad at the Apple store in Brandon. To me that would be a good decision. And it was. Having it in my hands without any risk in a shipping process was well worth my time and effort. No doubt.

11-7-13: I pre-ordered a ZooGue iPad Air Case Prodigy on the same day I purchased my new iPad Air at the Apple store in Brandon Florida around 10am. A one hour drive for me. I watched the ZooGue promo video on YouTube and their new case looks fantastic. So as soon as I receive the case, I will be doing a full review here with photos. I'm really looking forward to it.

12-16-13: Today was the expected shipping date for the case. Email from ZooGue at 4:08 pm: USA EXPECTED SHIP/DELIVERY DATES. Expected ship date - Dec 19TH-20TH. Expected to be delivered to you on or before December 24th. Guaranteed delivery by December 25th. Current status. UPDATE: December 16th. In transit from our facility in China to our USA warehouse. We will continue to update the status".

12-19-13: Email update from ZooGue at 8:33pm. "Unfortunately we regret to inform you that our iPad Air Case Prodigy shipment has had unexpected customs delays and will likely not be delivered until after Christmas. Words cannot explain how disappointed I am that this has happened. I literally feel sick to my stomach typing this letter to you. I hope you can understand our current situation. See below for options we can offer you".

While I understand disappointing news is not always good for a business, being updated and promptly I appreciated. Also with having the iPad Air release on November 1st, it apparently left little time to get them made in China and shipped back to ZooGue in California before mailing and delivery by Christmas day. So my plans are to be very careful with my iPad Air until my new case comes. This baby cost too much to take any chances with dropping it etc.

12-23-13: Email update from ZooGue at 3:56pm. "Your order #150490 has shipped and the tracking information is below. Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking information to update. Thank you for your business"!

12-23-13: Email update from ZooGue at 4:04pm. "We have some good news. We just received the Air Case Prodigy shipment and are now processing and shipping orders. Thanks for your continued patience with this delay".

The email updates on 12-23-13 was great news to hear for sure from ZooGue. Keeping customers informed in a timely manner is definitely great customer service here. So now my new iPad Air case is being shipped using USPS priority mail 2 day. $100 insurance added. Very nice for sure.

12-28-13: When I heard a loud knock on my front door around 2pm, I suspected who it was. Oh yes it was the post office. My case from ZooGue had arrived. I couldn't wait to get my hands around it. Now keep in mind my review here is not like some on other websites. I didn't get my case free from the company. Others did get free ones. So I would suspect those reviews are guaranteed to be positive for ZooGue. But that's OK. However I'm just a consumer like many others are. So my review is guaranteed to 100% unbiased.

After seeing the cases from ZooGue online for over a month, I couldn't wait to actually see one up close and personal. Actually get my hands on my very own. So carefully opening the package, I pulled out a very high quality resealable bag. Carefully opening the bag, I pulled out my case, instructions, a letter, receipt, and a Zoogue Ipad Air screen protector (a free gift for the delay of the case was a fantastic bonus). For what it's worth, I wasn't upset at the company for the delay. Things happen. The first thing I noticed when I opened the case was the quality. It had a great feel to it. Inside the sleeve where the iPad goes was a foam piece with the Zoogue logo. And included in three small cutouts inside the sleeve were three silica gel packets. These are used to absorb moisture. They are routinely found in new shoe boxes, aspirin bottles, purses, and other items.

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The first thing you notice when you open the case prodigy is the quality. The entire case is leather, but the inside is made of microfiber material (this protects your iPad on the back and the front). Where the tablet slides in is a velcro tab that unfolds, then slide in your iPad, then fold the tab back. A very easy, functional, and secure fit. And a nice design design. All the slots around the side of the case allow access to the power, volume, speakers, camera button, camera lens, charging port, and headphone jack.

OK now you are ready to use your iPad in your new case. So how do you position it for the best viewing angle?. Simple. The front cover that has the slots you fold back, then pull out the folding stand legs on the back of the sleeve, and position both in the slots. A pretty secure fit yes? That's because the leg stands house magnets, and inside the back cover is a metal plate. Once positioned in the slots, the case is secure. Go ahead. Adjust the angle of the case by repositioning it easily and quickly. It's a very nice design.

I am extremely happy with my Case Prodigy by Zoogue. Just a really fantastic product. A good decision and money well spent for me. I would highly recommend this case. Thanks for seeing here.